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Dry Hire - £190 per day

Technician - £300 per day

Shooting Package - £700 per day

Red Epic with Teradek Bolt (dual wireless HD transmitters), RT Motion wireless follow focus, and 1x 5.6 monitor

Kit Includes

• Freefly MöVI M10 Stablizer Rig
• Transmitter for dual operators
• Stand
• Batteries & Charger

Optional Accessories

• 2x TVlogic 5.6"
• Bolt Dual Wireless HD Transmitter
• 15mm clamp to use FS7 EVF monitor
• Hotshoe adapter to use a C300 monitor
• RT Wireless Follow Focus
• Operator Handheld Monitoring Unit
• Bungee Backpack Support

Multiple Movis available for hire

The MöVI M10 stabiliser is a revolutionary new system for capturing unique and complicated camera movements. Utilising a handheld 3-axis digital stabilised camera gimbal with a custom proprietary IMU, the MöVI M10 enables operators to transition from lateral to vertical movements seamlessly. Paired with an Epic camera, the MöVI’s small size enables movement through windows, cars, up stairs and other tight spaces with the smoothness of a steadicam or jib, without their cost and labour implications.

Also available to hire the MoVi M15 – carry more weight, that means a wider range of cameras and bigger lenses.

And you can shoot all day like a Steadicam on the MöVI with our Bungee Backpack support which is better than an Easyrig for taking the weight off the operator’s arms.

The MöVI M10 can be paired with an Epic Camera, an RT Motion wireless Follow Focus Unit and two Remote Video Units (TVlogic 5.6″ & Teradek Bolt) for complete control.

Gear Factory is able to supply trained technicians where necessary.

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MöVI M10 Hire Rent London.